Introducing the new WExTech M-LTE

The award winning WExTech range of live gas water extraction products has grown again with the addition of the new WExTech M-LITE system.

Our partner Consen contacted us with a request for a WExTech system to connect onto their customers existing bowser ‘milk float’ systems. The customer PowerGas Singapore required a simple system to keep their customers on gas through the wet season.

The WExTech range includes systems for services (16mm/ ¾”  to 32mm / 2” PE and metallic) and mains 4”/90mm upwards), with or without integrated pumps so they can be used as standalone units or in conjunction with any bowser pump units.

If required our WExTech systems have the unique capability to recirculate the gas extracted during a water removal back into the main/service, preventing any methane being released into the atmosphere.

WExTech M-LTE combines the camera technology and the visual display unit from our world leading SynthoCam 3 system with a new specially designed reel for use with a bowser unit. The user can then survey inside a live gas main for 100m (50m in each direction) allowing them to easily locate the water and remove it.

The WExTech M-LTE is:

  • Suitable for use on live gas up to 75mbar.
  • Can be used in metallic mains 4” to 10” diameter, and PE mains 90mm to 250mm diameter.
  • Speeds up finding water and removing it with one system.
  • Saves money by reducing repeat visits and excavations.
  • Compatible with existing SynthoCam 3 kits, keeping investment costs to a minimum.
  • Compact design easily fits in a van and can be lifted by 1 person.

Wextech m lte 02 sm Wextech mains

For more information on WExTech M-LTE click here

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