Would you like to reline a service with Serviflex easily and in half the time?

Introducing Serviflex Insertion Technique 3 (SIT-3), Synthotech’s newest system for relining pipes with Serviflex.

SIT-3 will help you to insert up to 12 meters of Serviflex® into 1” and 1 ¼” metallic services whilst navigating around multiple bends including two short radius bends without stretching or damaging the integrity of the pipe. This means that the service will no longer need to be relayed saving between £200 and £300 per service, minimising excavations, disruption for customers, reducing time and cutting cost by increasing productivity.

The SIT-3 kit has streamlined the relining process, making it simpler and reducing the risk of issues. The new system removes the need for the tension gun that is used in our previous system SITT, replacing it with two springs that hold the Serviflex® in tension as it is inserted, ensuring that no damage is done to the new service pipe whilst it is being installed.

The kit splits into two parts, the Garden Reel and the House Reel, this helps to make sure that each person has the tools that they need and that the springs can be quickly tidied up after use reducing the time spent inside properties and minimising face to face contact with the customer.

We have completed head to head tests of the new SIT-3 system versus our previous SITT system and have found that the new kit takes half the time to complete a relining job.

SIT-3 has been developed with Radius Systems PE garden fitting which helps to reduce waste and time; however, it can also be used with a standard garden fitting and ServiFlex pipe.

Contact us to find out more information or click here to download a product sheet.

Sit 3 sm 2

Sit 3 5 Sit 3 4

Side view of the serviflex insertion technique system
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