The perfect camera system to survey live Metallic gas pipes from 8” to 24”

SynthoCAM Titan is a remote-controlled Pan and Tilt Camera system that pans 270 degrees and tilts 360 degrees.

This unique camera head’s sharp focus and manoeuvrability makes it perfect for locating connections, blockages or leaks within the gas network.

Titan can survey inside live gas pipes up to 2bar and can push up to 50m in each direction from a single excavation. Titan is designed to be more robust than previous models, reducing the possibility of damage and therefore minimising repair costs. Synthotech has done this by removing the glass dome and designing the camera head to rotate in on itself protecting the lens during insertion.

It can also be launched through a 2” BSP drilling so that it falls within a standard operation, reducing time and extra paperwork.


This system can be used with a 9mm or a 15mm cobra depending on push distance/size of pipe requirements.


If you would like to know more about SynthoCam TITAN and how it could help you please download our product sheet here or contact us. If you have an old style glass domed pan and tilt camera head please contact us for upgrade options.