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SynthoCam 3 Launch Technique

Project STASS video

TORS Knowledge Transfer Day 2017

Synthotech Company Video

TORS Demonstration Day

WExTech - Water Extraction Technology

Water Extraction for live gas mains

24" Medium pressure cast iron live gas distribution main

Synthotrax crawler in polyethylene main

Synthotrax crawler in metallic main

Water ingress in 4 metallic main"

High Pressure Transmission Robotics - GRAID

How TORS benefits the consumer

Introduction to TORS (Tier One Replacement System)

Case Studies


 ServiceCam Case Study 01  

Water Extraction for Mains

Water Extraction Mains Case Study 01

Water Extraction Mains Case Study 02

Specialist Services

SynthoCam Specialist Service Case Study 01

Product spares & consumables information


Product Sheet - Spare List


Product Sheet - Spare List


Product Sheet - Spare List


Product Sheet - Spare List


Product Sheet - Spare List


Product Sheet - Spare List


Product Sheet - Spare List


Product Sheet - Spare List

Product Sheet